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Through our vast experiance in the business ISC Services offers investors and first time home-buyers complete project management and expert advice.

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A Complete Kitchen Renovation Experience

Revovated Kitchen kitchen remodeling projects are ones of the most popular and rewarding projects requested by homeowners. At ISC Services we acknowledge and consider the fact that these are also the most used and valuable part of your home for you and your family and therefore require special attention... for example - when remodeling a kitchen we must adhere to strict schedule time table so to minimize interruption of your family activities which normally will revolve around the kitchen, especially at dinners and holidays. At the same time we must also pay careful attention for every detail so to maximize the results as you - our client want them to be while strictly adhering to comply with township codes and deliver on every expectation.
At ISC Services we aim to cover your kitchen remodeling project from its starting concept and through to its sweet - beautiful finish! Our dedicated team of designers, suppliers and experience builders will assist you in planning your project down to the smallest detail, we will cover countless difficult decisions such as expanding the kitchen, possibility of removing walls, selecting cabinets and counter-tops, deciding on unique plumbing fixtures and specialty lighting. We provide all this by allowing you an exclusive access to special deals on hardware, cabinetry and appliances provided by our selected wholesale suppliers to guarantee top quality and superb value.

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Bathroom Renovation Experience


Revovated bathroom Similar to a kitchen renovation the bathroom renovation is also a process requiring planning and preparations. ISC Services escorts and guides clients through the process of drawing of plans and obtaining township permits as well as selecting tiles & fixtures, coordinating with plumber and electrician, and preparing the homeowner to the inevitable interruption to their daily life through the process.
However, clients of ISC Services can rest assured that we take unique pride of our efforts to minimize the interruptions while maximize the results of each and every project we handle. We always plan carefully to avoide surprises and always follow UCC township code to provide certificate of completion to each and every project.


Complete House Remodeling & Renovation

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A complete home renovation or remodel is a big project usually taking anywhere from 3 to 6 month to execute and sometimes 2 month of planning beforehand. While these projects are exciting they can also be stressful, and this is where the 24 years of experience and expertise ISC Services can provide really stands out to your advantage.
ISC Services will connect you with the best professionals, from Architects and Building Engineers to suppliers and other specialty professions whom services you may need. ISC will expertly coordinate and advise you throughout your project to enable best results in the tightest time-table possible while delivering remarkably stunning transformational results.