ISC Services Municipal Permits and Code Compliance

Protecting homeowners property owners and investors for the unknown

With almost every improvement and renovation project you want to take on, whether it’s in your own home or an investment property, it is always a good idea to check and be aware in advance if the building code permits that are required. This practice would both save you money and provide a peace of mind knowing that the job was done right and to code whether the property eventually gets sold or you stay in the house for years to come. At ISC Services we strictly maintain that a Township Construction Permit is required when we perform any of the following projects – basement finishing; kitchen or bathroom remodel involving plumbing / electrical / or structural changes; any wall alteration to load bearing walls; all additions; all roof and siding jobs; all complete home renovations.

By NJ 2009 rehabilitation code most homeowners are permitted to submit their own project plan, as long as they comply with Twp requirements and this is very useful for smaller projects where Architect or Engineer is not required. Additionally – all electric and plumbing subcontractors will be required to submit their own diagrams to complete the permit application. This option can be used by most homeowners wishing to renovate a bathroom or kitchen as long as no load bearing walls are touched. ISC Services will advise homeowners when such option is available. In other cases when an architect or a building engineer is required ISC Services will instruct the homeowner of the requirement and even offer few options from our own list of professionals we have worked with in the past.

For complete detailed information of the NJ UCC please use the flowing link: